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Description of Product

Main difference between these types – possibility of free two-directional driveway organization. So, semiautomatic device is always in raised position and can be closed when vehicle tires will push them while driving on them (or by turning special lever). In its turn, hydraulic device can be closed in any time for unlimited period.

Our company offers tire-killers with various "knife" height: from 40 to 250 mm. Selection of knife-height is depending from checkpoint and transport type, which passes through it: for big trucks the best choice is high "blades", and small "knives" are better for standard cars. It should be noted, that height-choice is important only for semi-automatic tire-killer. Thus, free pass through hydraulic (automatic) device is possible only if "knives" are in closed position. In this case, there is no possibility that "knives" will damage the car bottom.

• Anti-corrosion protection
• Interfaces with ACS and wide variety of security components
• Manual lowering in case of power failure
• Built-in hydraulic unit
• wired push-bottom control
• Black/yellow or red/white warning painting.

Standard set characteristics:
• Wireless remote control
• Traffic light with support posts of different dimentions
• Heating device (for climates with bellow 0°C temperature)
• Detection sensors
• Sound alarm
• Emergency fast rising operator
• Manual pump unit
• LED lights integrated to spikes/knives
• Other under demand.

• One and two directional driveway control
• Spikes rising height customization
• Installation type options.

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