Terrestrial Survey

Terrestrial Survey


Our data management services are designed to provide raw data and processed information when needed, facilitating a range of services that include conventional surveys, dimensional control, laser scanning of historic buildings and mobile mapping of corridors that could be thousands of kilometres long.

•Oil & Gas Installations
Dimensional control ensures that components fabricated for oil and gas installations (such as LNG plants, oil tanks, offshore oil rigs and well heads) are compliant with regulatory and technical specifications and will fit first time when installed. This delivers significant project savings, enhanced safety, reductions in reworking and fewer project delays.

•Geodetic Control/CORS Network
A precision control network and geoid model facilitates the use of satellite based positioning services for precision surveys such as for infrastructure development or flood and watershed management. Projects range from site specific to entire countries.

•Infrastructure Management
Stationary laser scanning and mobile mapping provide detailed point clouds of roads, rails, buildings, factories and chemical plants. These data can be used for historic preservation or for detailed engineering design of the next update.

•Pipeline Construction
An effective data management system is used from the route selection process and permitting phase. During construction, the field crew data are updated into the data management system and made available immediately to all stakeholders. Reporting is fast, accurate and thorough.

•3D City Models
Derived from a combination of mobile mapping, laser scanning, ground surveying and aerial mapping. The models can be accessed via web-based tools and include intelligent building features such as roof outlines, building footprints, parapets and building point data. They provide a highly detailed picture of the urban environment and a powerful tool for analysis, construction planning, visualisation and monitoring of the built environment, and emergency response.


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